Free Download! John’s Gospel Narrated By Max McLean

 Free Download! Our Gift to You.

For many Christians, John’s Gospel is the most beloved book in the Bible. Its beautiful language and penetrating descriptions of Jesus draw you close to God as you listen. 

Max McLean came to know Christ after reading John’s Gospel. He writes: “The event that brought me over the line to fully accept the reality of Jesus came when I read all of John’s Gospel in one sitting. I thought Jesus was going to come right out of the pages of the Bible and take me with him. When I got to the cross I was in tears. I saw the sacrificial love and I responded to Jesus, immediately.”

Hear the power of John’s Gospel as narrated by Max McLean with this free MP3 download. No charge or obligation. Simply register below and we will e-mail your free download today!

Click for free MP3 download: John’s Gospel

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