Fighting Addiction: H.O.P.E. HOLD ON, PAIN ENDS

Fighting Addiction ~ H.O.P.E. HOLD ON, PAIN ENDS

Fighting Addiction:




“…People whose lives have been affected by addiction – one of our nation’s most urgent health crises – about finding a path to overcome the disease. Plus, find out what you can do to raise awareness for the cause.”

“Addiction: The Medical and Mental Health Perspective;

What is “addiction”? The word has many definitions and triggers different emotions, experiences and conditions. Learn more about how physicians and substance abuse counselors categorize different types of addiction and how you can recognize it in a loved one.

Addiction is a deadly disease. The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as “a primary, chronic, neurobiologic disease, with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations.” Those who are addicted to a substance (like alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs) or to an activity (like gambling or shopping) tend to partake in neurologically programmed behaviors that demonstrate a lack of control, constant cravings, and continued use despite dire consequences.

Some addictions are more deadly than others. While one may be addicted to the caffeine in a cup of coffee, another may be addicted to potentially dangerous substances like alcohol or heroin….”

“U.S. Drug Czar Michael Botticelli Talks America’s Drug Problem:
Michael Botticelli, U.S. drug czar…discuss the addiction epidemic sweeping the country and why people need to start talking about the problem more openly;”

*Inside the Day of a Highly Functioning Alcoholic;

*What Alcohol Addiction Looks Like
*Overcame Alcohol Addiction
*The Anatomy of Secrets and Double Lives
*How to Recognize an Eating Disorder
*How to Recognize a Secret Addiction
*What to Do If You’re Addicted to Online Shopping
*How to Overcome Your Online Shopping Addiction
*3 Tech Tricks to Stop Compulsive Online Shopping
*Web Extra: …3 Genius Online Hacks to Shop Like a Pro
*The Secrets of a High-Functioning Alcoholic


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